Monday, March 30, 2020

AD&D Black Pudding for Call of Cthulhu 5e
Image: dark blob amidst the stalagmites.
1st edition Black Pudding; courtesy of Trampier.

The Black Pudding: a copyright-free Shoggoth in D&D form. Ten Hit Dice of immune-to-almost-everything, metal-devouring dungeon menace, converted here for CoC 5e.

Nowhere near the beast the CoC Shoggoth is (closer to a Formless Spawn, statistically), but the investigators are probably just as dead.

AD&D Black Pudding, Crawling Horror.

A hideous conglomeration of voracious cellular colonies, the Black Pudding may have been created by the same vanished alien intelligences that spawned the Gelatinous Cube.

Apparently mindless, the Black Pudding nevertheless acts more like an animal than a machine, and is capable of simple ambush tactics, as well as pursuing hapless investigators should they flee.

It is rarely silent, being heralded by a chorus of little wet noises as its thousands of ravenous tiny mouths open and close in anticipation.

STR 8d6 (av. 30)     CON 6d6 (av. 20)     SIZ 8d6 (av. 27; min. 18)     INT n/a     POW n/a    

DEX 3d6 (av. 10.5) 

Hit Points av. 23-24                                  Damage Bonus +3d6           Move 4

  • Pseudopod 60%, 3-24 (3d8) + db
  • STR vs. STR or you're held and suffer 3-24 hits per round from its tiny mouths and corrosive saliva; STR vs. STR is required to escape, and your companions can attempt to add their STR to help pull you away.
  • Any metal or wooden object, including armour, struck takes 3-24 acid damage immediately.

  • None, but all metal and wooden objects striking it take 3-24 acid damage immediately.
  • Physical blows and electricity cause it to split in half:
    • Half: STR 15, CON 10, SIZ 13, db +d4, hp 11
    • Quarter: STR 7, CON 5, SIZ 6, db n/a, hp 5
  • Half (human sized) and quarter (big dog size) Puddings have the same Pseudopod attack as a full Pudding; they will attempt to rejoin over d4 rounds.
  • Immune to cold and impaling weapons, including firearms; these attacks will not cause it to split.
  • Take normal damage from fire and avoid it.

Skills: can dissolve metal and wood (and flesh); their amorphous form allows them to squeeze through even a 1" gap without slowing; they are able to crawl up walls and across ceilings without slowing.

Sanity Loss: 0/d6 to see a Black Pudding; 1/d8 to see it split, or to survive being chewed by hundreds of little mouths.

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