Thursday, December 12, 2019

d66/d36 Celtic Treasures

[Edit 18/06/2021 to sort table out]

Table to generate treasures for Celtic/pseudo-Celtic historical/fantasy/archaeological settings.

By convenient coincidence, the list of suggested treasures in 2nd edition AD&D HR3: Celts Campaign Sourcebook (Graeme Davis, 1992) is 36 items, so I've added some suggested values (in whatever currency  wealth units you're using) and put it into a d66 table.

Roll 2d6:

1 on 1st d6:

  1. Amphora of imported wine (25/50/75/150)
  2. Bronze bridle-bit, decorated (30)
  3. Bronze chamfron, decorated (75)
  4. Bronze chariot-fittings, decorated (150)
  5. Bronze cauldron, decorated (100)
  6. Bronze drinking cup, imported from Greece (75)

2 on 1st d6:

  1. Bronze horn, decorated (75)
  2. Bronze mace, decorated (50)
  3. Bronze mirror, decorated (100)
  4. Bronze serving-dish (30)
  5. Cloak with richly-embroidered border (100)
  6. Decorated helmet with silver boar crest (150)

3 on 1st d6:

  1. Electrum torc (neck ring) (125)
  2. Fidchell/Gwyddbwyll set  (50)
  3. Fine cloth, imported (50/75/150)
  4. Gilt-bronze arm-ring (50)
  5. Gilt-bronze bracelet (25)
  6. Gilt-bronze brooch (25)

4 on 1st d6:

  1. Gilt-bronze chariot-fittings (250)
  2. Gilt-bronze cloak pin (25)
  3. Gilt-bronze head-band (30)
  4. Gilt-bronze ornamented scabbard (30)
  5. Gold arm-ring (50/75)
  6. Gold finger-ring (25/75)

5 on 1st d6:

  1. Gold head-band (175)
  2. Gold torc (neck-ring) (250)
  3. Harp, fine quality, decorated with silver and gold inlay (275)
  4. Helmet with ornamented bronze facing (50)
  5. Iron cauldron-chains (75)
  6. Shield with decorated bronze facing (150)

6 on 1st d6:

  1. Silver drinking-cup (50)
  2. Silvered bronze belt-clasp (25)
  3. Spear with silver inlay on blade (50)
  4. Sword with silver inlay on blade (75)
  5. Sword belt with gilt-bronze fittings (25)
  6. Sword belt with gold fittings (50)

I'm still undecided on a standard format for tables, but I don't need to look up how to convert them every time I do a new one. Turned out to be pointless because every table eventually ended up unreadable due to browser incompatibility or my limited ability.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

d66/d18 Prior Experience

[Edited 18/06/2021 - Revised table for browser compatibility]

Prior Experience, Background, Current Sketch - whatever you prefer to call this kind of thing; same thing applies with rules and mechanics as with the last post - I've got faith in you.

Roll 2d6:

1 to 2 (1st d6), 2nd d6:

  1. Adventurer: you seek gold and experience wherever you may wander.
  2. Assassin: people pay you to kill people; you might not want everyone to know that.
  3. Barbarian/ Outlander: you’re not from round here and you’re different enough from these people that curiosity and suspicion go both ways; there’s a chance you can’t speak the language.
  4. Bounty Hunter/ Mercenary: others pay you to defeat their enemies.
  5. Champion: you are the enemy of injustice, the friend of the helpless; you just cannot leave it alone.
  6. Drunkard/ Addict: you have handed yourself over to drink and/ or drugs as a career choice.

3 to 4 (1st d6), 2nd d6:

  1. Dungeoneer: you seek thrills and reward in the dark places beneath the earth.
  2. Gambler/ Grifter: you stake your wealth (and life) on the turn of a card, the roll of the dice, the ways human minds work.
  3. Grave Robber/ Tomb Raider: you know where the freshest bodies are buried, and also the oldest and most richly adorned.
  4. Healer: the care of the weak, sick and injured is your life’s work.
  5. Monster Hunter: you are a generalist or specialist monster hunter, includes vampire slayers and rogue demon hunters; you might not even believe in the supernatural.
  6. Nobility: you expect to be treated a certain way, and cannot abide the lower orders getting uppity or over familiar.

5 to 6 (1st d6), 2nd d6:

  1. Outcast/ Pariah: no one likes you and if you won’t go away under your own steam, they will try and do something about it.
  2. Outlaw: whether a dashing swashbuckler or a brutal killer, you are not going to be allowed to get away with it.
  3. Plumber of the Darkness: investigator or keen student, you are unable to keep your nose out of the business of the foul things of this world and beyond.
  4. Religious Order: novice, monk, cultist, templar or high priest, you are under holy orders.
  5. Retainer: you are bound to serve a noble household.
  6. Thief: even if it’s nailed down, you’ll try it for the challenge.

When putting this together, I had a Hammer Horror period setting in mind - so pseudo-European, approximating the late 17th and early 18th Centuries; there are firearms, but there has not been (and will not be any time soon) a Magical Industrial Revolution and we are pre-Steampunk. 

With that in mind, by Barbarian/Outlander I don't mean Conan or Slaine, but more like as a Cossack to an English dandy, a Samurai to a Parisian aesthete (come to think of it, why not a Parisian sans-culotte to that English dandy).

Monday, December 9, 2019

d66/d18 Dark Secrets for Characters

[Edit 17/06/2021 - Removed table for browser compatibility & added the pic]

For horror/fantasy settings, 18 Dark Secrets as character background and possible adventure hooks; I'm sure you've got the know-how and imagination to make-up any rules and mechanics you may need.

Black Ichor as at or whatever suits you.

1st d6 (1 to 2) 2nd d6:

  1. You are of non-human ancestry; it does not show, but you feel it growing stronger with each passing year. 
  2. You have taken the Black Ichor and are driven to seek it out in the underworld until such time as you find a cure.
  3. You are a survivor of a catastrophic adventure and only you (maybe a few others) know what really happened and what you had to do to survive.
  4. You carry a dreadful sickness that does not harm you, but consumes those around you.
  5. You are property; you do not wish to be claimed. The one who has a claim over you does not have your interest at heart.
  6. You have a double bent on disrupting/ usurping your life; it is better than you in every way, and seems to be more convincing as you than you are.

1st d6 (3 to 4) 2nd d6:

  1. You once stole an item of great worth; you no longer have it, but that means nothing to those you took it from.
  2. You were once a member of a particular faith, and they will not allow their sheep to stray.
  3. You are running from colossal debts owed to the worst kinds of creditors.
  4. You are held responsible for the death of a figure of considerable significance.
  5. You robbed the wrong tomb or temple, and have been marked for retribution.
  6. You are unwilling host to a parasite/ symbiote, spiritual or material.

1st d6 (5 to 6) 2nd d6:

  1. You descend from an ancient and accursed line; you struggle to hide your identity and to avoid your supposedly inescapable fate.
  2. You previously followed a reviled profession/creed/leader, and you can expect neither sympathy or understanding if it was to become known.
  3. An entity or organisation has capriciously taken a dislike to you, and will go to great lengths to discomfort you and those around you.
  4. Sometimes you lose hours, days, weeks, and have no recollection of what occurred; you think something bad might have happened.
  5. You have lived before, and this is only your current form; you cannot recollect your past lives and do not know if you will survive beyond this one.
  6. You keep your heart/ liver outside your body and cannot be killed by normal means; your heart/ liver is no longer in the safe place you chose for it.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

d66/d18 Zombies

Zombie by Mark Dunn, for The Dark Chronicles of Anakendis
(Andrew Whitworth,  Warlock issue 6)

Learning how to put a reasonable looking table into Blogger (from original Google Docs, thence to Excel, thence to Notepad, and via various obstacles) gets you this (best view not in IE or MS Edge):

[Edit 17/06/2021 - Replaced table for wider browser compatibility & added the pic]

18 different types of zombie for when they turn up in your game; roll 2d6 as d66 (or a d18, if you have one).

By Wisdom save, I mean whatever the equivalent is in your game; by Black Ichor, I mean something along the lines of this:

1st d6 (1 to 2) 2nd d6:

  1. Monster corpse - preferably something the PCs haven’t seen live yet.
  2. Not automatically hostile but will follow/ shadow the party, causing unease; every rest, Wisdom save or follow them into the depths; those who have taken the Black Ichor take a penalty to this.
  3. Bloated and suppurating; bits break off easy; they leak and squirt - could be worms, acid, disease or emetic.
  4. Classic cannibal corpse with infectious bite.
  5. Directly controlled by a nearby monster or NPC.
  6. Looks just like you, but ravaged by death.

1st d6 (3 to 4) 2nd d6:

  1. Embellished with gold leaf, gems for teeth and eyes, rich cerements.
  2. Attempt to drive you away, rather than destroy you.
  3. Will hunt you across time and space unless utterly destroyed.
  4. Those you have killed previously have returned for revenge.
  5. Will only attack while you possess stolen grave goods.
  6. Host to an animating entity.

1st d6 (5 to 6) 2nd d6:

  1. Intelligent zombie; you can roll again to see what else it is, if you like.
  2. All are marked/liveried as minions of a powerful force.
  3. Spontaneously animate, de-animate and re-animate; are they dead yet?
  4. Possessed or controlled, these living people come at you like ravenous ghouls.
  5. Living minds are trapped in these corpses; they may cry out for help.
  6. You cannot kill that which is already dead; always regain 1 hp from 0 or less unless destroyed or blessed.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Old School Shoggoth Race-as-Class

For the first post, how about a basic Shoggoth character class for D & D-style games?

What you don't like or think doesn't make sense, you should change.


Description: You are more like the Shoggoths in Michael Shea's Fat Face than the ones in HPL's At the Mountains of Madness; your form and mass are not fixed, though you have spent a long time pretending to be some kind of humanoid.

If an Elder Thing tells you to do something, you have to save or obey; if a Deep One tells you to do something, you have to save or obey, but at +4 to your roll.

XP: Advance using the Halfling Experience Table; same level limit applies.

Saving Throws: Use the Halfling Saving Throw Table.

Prime Requisite: The Shoggoth class has no Prime Requisite.

Minimum Scores: No minimum as such, but you must reduce your other Ability Scores (1 for 1) to bring both Strength and Constitution to 18 (or as near as possible if you rolled low across the board). Reduced Ability Scores can only be taken down to 3, no lower.

Hit Dice: Either the highest Hit Dice used in your game (usually Fighter HD), or the next one up (so that the Shoggoth has the highest HD in your game), or d20 (because you think this Shoggoth isn't tough enough).

Armour: Shoggoths have natural armour equal to leather; their AC does not benefit or suffer from high or low Dexterity; they can wear any armour they want, but only benefit from a magic bonus or special properties; if a Shoggoth has a Dexterity of 9 or more, a shield can be used.

Weapons: Shoggoths can use any weapon, or use their natural attacks (which use a damage die the same as their HD).

Special Abilities:
  • You only take half rolled damage from fire and lightning.
  • You take only 1 point of damage (plus any magic bonus) from physical weapons.
  • You regenerate 2 hit points at the end of every round, even at 0 hp.
  • You can carry twice as much gear and treasure as other characters without becoming encumbered.