Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Old School Ghoul Race-as-Class

A quick mash of Mentzer Red Box and 2e/5e Call of Cthulhu, for old school d20 systems.


Description: You are a ghoul, like the ones you want in your game. 

From my perspective, you're a necrophagous undead humanoid, but you're not necessarily a terrible person; somewhere on the continuum that takes in ravenous undead cannibals and Randolph Carter's allies in The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath.

XP: Advance using the Elf Experience Table; same level limit applies.

Saving Throws: Save as an Elf/ Monster of your Level/HD, whichever is better.

Prime Requisite: The Ghoul class has no Prime Requisite.

Minimum Scores: No minimum scores, but your Charisma is not counted as more than 9 when dealing with the non-monstrous living (except for necromancers).

Hit Dice: d8, or whatever is the standard for monsters in your game. You have 2 HD at 1st level.

Armour: Ghouls have natural armour that improves AC by 3 places; Dexterity adjustments apply. You can wear any armour, but will not get any AC benefit unless it is better than your natural armour; you always benefit from armour magic bonus. You can use a shield.

Weapons: You can use any weapon, but prefer claw/claw/bite for 1-3 each (no Strength adjustment to damage) + paralysis.

Special Abilities:
  • You are undead, and immune to sleep and charm spells. 
  • You make no noise when moving about.
  • You can be turned by clerics and are affected by protection from evil.
  • You can communicate with nightgaunts (+2 Reaction Roll).
  • From 2nd level, you can cast spells from scrolls with a 10% chance of failure.
  • You only take half damage from firearms and projectiles.

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