Sunday, December 6, 2020

d66/d18 Horrible Humanoids

Not done a d66 for a while now - here's 18 types of humanoid monster encounter you might run up against in your local megadungeon. Season according to your setting and system.

Number Appearing is d6 + dungeon level; HD can be capped at dungeon level. Damage d6.

Lone monsters are 50% specials with HD = average party level + dungeon level. Damage d6+1 (or d8).

Controlling Cloaks and Brain Bats are not humanoids, but will 50% be in possession of one as a host (roll again on this table for type if you like). If more than 1 is encountered, you can check for each or the one is trying to lure hosts for the others.





Short, slim, red hair and beards; Stone Age hand weapons but 50% chance of ancient technology that looks like magic; at least one spell each (B/X Elves). You’re a come-lately sub-being driving them inexorably to extinction, but they don’t automatically hold that against you.


Black Ichor Addicts.

Wretched dungeoneers (human or otherwise) without a choice; if they don’t know where there is Black Ichor, they want to know; always initial Neutral Reaction.


Eyeless Cannibals.

They don’t need eyes to find you (so you can surprise them even with a light); they don’t need clothes, either; don’t want to eat you more than they want to live.


Radioactive Dwarves.

Solemn, slow, bald, robes and jewelry of lead; their very presence weakens and kills you; if they’re Hostile, it’s because their brains are rotten. You could reskin duergar, svirfnebli and similar - or give them psionics.



Of the dungeon master; they have been sent to foil or imprison you; know things you can beat out of them; 1 on d6, there’s a spell-caster with them; similar chance they have a double strength leader/ champion/ brute.



Whether made out of shadow or made out of meat, they want to walk into your life and then out of this dungeon; might not look like you at first.



They only want your stuff, but will kill for it if they need to; probably not welcome in the dungeon, either; probably adventurers/ dungeoneers/ murderhobos like you.


Controlling Cloaks.

A sort of vampire; clings to your back and shoulders; do what they say or they’ll bite and smother you; can’t go out in the daylight; good relations with Dark Ones, know where there is Black Ichor, hate Brain Bats and Frilled Priests.



Cherub/putti, elemental manifestations that maintain and protect the dungeon; essentially neutral, they’re there to stop chaotic disruptions to the dungeon, so might step in to break up a fight. Reskinned B/X Halflings.



They can’t help it – they just love to fight. Odds/evens, they’re thigh-slapping Brian Blessed knock offs who’ll share a pint with you afterwards, or cruel bastards who like to cripple and kill.


Carrion Sifters.

Ghoulish wretches that like to send others against others and pick over the corpses; spies for the Dark Ones, know where there’s Black Ichor and monster lairs.


Brain Bats.

Ugly telepathic winged brains that are low-rent, off-brand mind flayers/ intellect devourers; it’s really obvious to everyone else if you’ve got one clinging to your head, but you have no idea; hate everyone.


Dark Ones.

Ultimately out to dominate and supplant the human race, but never overlook an opportunity to do a little business; Hostile means you’ve stumbled on something private and secret. They run those incongruous shops in mega- & roguelike-dungeons. Cartilage instead of bones, nails and teeth; stretchy.



Flayed men and rubber maids, armed with hooks, chains, spikes, hooked and spiked chains, and flensing knives; they just want to share the exquisite pain with you. Each round, 2 on 2d6 they’re sucked back to their hell dimension - you might go with them if they’ve hooked and chained you.


Frilled Priests.

Never stop pilgrimaging; can spit holy venom and use telescopic rods to shrink down and escape; interested in Black Ichor and Hyperboreans; know spells.


Lost Souls.

Not quite alive, not quite undead; they’re attracted to your light and life, but can’t tolerate it for long; some can still remember their mortal lives.


Shape Devourers.

What they kill and eat, they can turn into; if intelligent, they’re collectors/ connoisseurs; hate Doppelgangers and can recognise them.


Ancient Knights.

They chose… poorly, and must guard the thing forever; not undead; cannot leave their charge; must be destroyed or they eventually reform and rise; at least full chainmail armour, with ancient weapons and shields; might never have seen a firearm.


  1. +1 Hellraiser reference!

    Also are radioactive dwarves a thing? I had an idea along those lines and thought it was entirely original... Or maybe we're both entirely original!

  2. Let's say we're both entirely original.

    The Mutations post I did last month reminded me that what I thought was my Dark Sun period of creativity was actually a lot more Gamma World - the radioactive dwarves are a variant on a Athasian dwarf ghoul variant.