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d66/d36 Dungeon Monsters.

In the notes doc for my previous post, I also another d66 table - more general monsters this time. Filled in a few gaps, swapped out a few regular generics and tidied everything up a bit.

Unless specified or you have it planned out, HD = DL (dungeon level) and Number Appearing is d6 + DL

Solo monsters have HD = average party level + DL.

As always, season according to taste and usual caveat about probability distribution. 




Silverfish, Giant. 

If surprised, they immediately try to escape; roll HD vs. HD to see if they overrun you; 2d6 + DL appearing. A really big one could cause ramming damage and knock you prone. Eat paper, glue and rations.


Spider, Giant (1).

Reroll any initial Hostile Reaction. This human- to pony-sized monster is content to feast on the more numerous dungeon fauna rather than risk losing a leg against you. Odds/evens, it's a web-spinner/ running hunter. Use the same chances as Dragons for whether it's sleeping, a talker, intelligent etc.


Woodlice, Giant.

Not aggressive; roll HD vs. HD for overrun; will attempt to eat your rations. A really big one could cause ramming damage and knock you prone. Armoured. You can cook and eat them - they taste of strong piss and make you wet the bed, but it's nutritious.


Ravenous Larvae.

Hungry and relentless; will destroy your backpack, leather goods, belts, spellbooks, rations etc.; bite for continuous damage; only scared of fire; 2d6 + DL appearing. Grow up to be Beetles, Moths or Tunnel Worms, but you'd need to be a specialist to tell them apart.


Beetle, Giant - Snicker-snack (1).

It looks scary, it acts peaceful, it can take off an extremity on a critical hit. Heads they glue in a cluster to their abdomen as egg-chambers (they drop off when the egg is ready to hatch). Always wins Initiative when it deploys its wings, either to charge or escape.


Vapour Rats.

Wispy trails with inky, defined eyes, teeth and nails; 1-2 on d6 each round, it coughs or sneezes and curls in on itself to nothing, uncurling a short distance away (as a Blink Dog). Intelligent animals, curious, playful - steal your trinkets and eat your rations. Magic weapons or fire/ lightning to harm.


Rust Grubs.

Squeal loudly as they feed; immediately try to eat your armour and weapons; first grub has double chance of surprising you;  1d6 + 1d6/DL appearing. Their acidic jaws do not harm flesh, wood or leather, but leaves an orange stain with a horrible smell.


Rot Monster (1).

Grotesque, stinky (pineapples!), curious and sort-of-friendly, it will kill by accident or by design. Might be mistaken for something undead, as it constantly decomposes and regrows its flesh. Or it might actually be undead.



Roll d6: 1. frenzied & rotting, 2. hairy & panting, 3. pale & whispering, 4. sallow & creeping, 5. well-dressed & smiling, 6. fungoid & glowing. 


Wererat Skeletons.

Stealthy, mist-shrouded undead; chill touch drains STR; living Wererats are absolutely terrified of them.


Croglin Vampires.

BECMI Giant Shrew crossed with a Thoul; wants to suck your blood; d6 - 1 + DL appearing. They have treasure stuffed in a greasy burrow or scattered about a bone-strewn chamber.



Odds/evens, they’re armed with muskets and pistols, as well as knives and cudgels. Odds/evens, they're in human form (if capable). d6 to see if they're like Skaven, Lankhmar wererats or RAW.


Frilled Priests.

Ignore all bonuses to Reaction because they're not happy you’re interrupting their pilgrimage/ sacred rites. Their artefacts are valuable but cursed/ venomous.


Trolls, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes and/or Goblins.

The grim fairy tale kind. At least one spell & possibly full casters (L=HD); 2-3 on 2d6 to spot them if you're L3 or less, 1-2 on d6 if you're L4 - L7. Only take min. damage unless from iron or blessed weapon. d3 appearing DL 1-3, d6 4+.



Base HD 4 + 1 (17hp) plus 1 + 1 (5 hp) per 2 whole dungeon levels. No. App. is d2 x DL - these Ogres are friends and/or a family. Not that much bigger than humans, but much tougher. Like food and treasure more than they like recreational cannibalism. Which they do like.


Giant Moth Swarm.

Big, but no bigger than a substantial thumb. Disturb them and they swarm all around and over you. Keep calm and you'll be okay, otherwise you'll agitate them even more and they'll start smothering you. 1 on d6 they're blood suckers, too (a polymorphed Vampire if there's one in the dungeon).


Kobolds/ Knockers.

You can’t hurt them unless you use iron or blessed weapons or mining tools; death throes in spectacular Dragonlance Draconian fashion. They definitely know where there's treasure, traps and Black Ichor. Reskin duergar,  gnome, halfling or svirfneblin. d3 appearing DL 1-3, +DL-3 on 4+.


Beetles, Giant - Fire.

Easy-going going arthropods with glowing glands (red, yellow or blue). Non-aggressive unless you start messing with their eggs. Often devoured by their Ravenous Larvae.


Moth, Giant - Brillig.

From head to torso sized. If one hovers (can't do anything else), it's like a +2 mirror image effect. If there's 3 or more flying around, they're under a blur effect. Their vomit is like Giant Locust spit. Non-aggressive. Killed by sunlight.


Mound People. 

Tall, pale skin, black hair, glazed eyes; finely crafted antique armour, weapons and equipment. Everything is as if in dream to them. Odds/evens, they attempt to charm you into following them, and eventually disappear into solid earth or stone - taking you with them or leaving you behind, heartbroken (Black Ichor is the only cure).


Custodians/ Guardians. 

They won’t hurt you unless you’re harming the dungeon, but they make you feel uneasy, creepy little cherub-things. Reskinned BECMI Halflings.



There’s a good chance that Black Ichor (or a shrine to Tsathogghua) is nearby; they’re aggressive, but not stupid, and they've got homes to go to not that far away.



Lots of people and monsters died down here; odds/evens, they have remains that can be laid to rest; d3 appearing, regardless of DL. They can scare (even unto death) and curse the living, but otherwise cannot harm them directly. 



Nude and slinky reptile people who think material culture is pointless - especially that of dry-skin surface-dwelling light-seers. Unless you surprise them, they will be camouflaged; will follow you to pick off stragglers, because you're tasty.


Blind Hairy Underworld Cannibals.

Don’t speak your language but they're not stupid, and not necessarily hostile if they’re not hungry (odds/evens). 


Guardian Skeletons.

Hand weapon, spear, shield, helmet, armour in any combination; either on patrol or tied to a particular area or object. They will fight to the death, but won't attack unless you interfere with their duties.


Tunnel Worm (1).

Odds: soft and slimy, drools and spits digestive enzymes that eat through flesh (vinegar or wine to rinse). Elongated, it runs the length of the passageway; compressed, blocks it like a fleshy plug.

Evens: armour plated, jaws bite through metal, superheated innards so dangerous death throes. Burrows through rock.


Creeping Shadows.

Hang around at the edge of the lamp light, waiting to drain the life from the dying (any Casualty/0 hp, but also 3 hp or less); immune to normal weapons.


Crawling Slime (1).

Shimmers with hypnotic rainbow colours; destroys wood, metal, and flesh.


Mad Dogs.

Not necessarily rabid, but hungry and dangerous. 


Shuffling Corpses. 

Bog-standard zombies; will attack half-heartedly, unenthusiastic in pursuit. 1 on d6 each round to realise they've been hungry for living flesh all along and that's the motivation they needed. Or roll on this table.



Underworld humanoids, digging out treasure or remodelling the dungeon. Probably short in stature, but odds/evens they're mundane/ supernatural.


Lost Hirelings.

They’ll join you for a chance to get back to the surface world. Odds/evens, at least one is a disguised monster.


Bristling Burrower (1).

Bear-badger-mole-porcupine; claw/claw/bite; shed/shoot diseased spines. It's almost blind, but has a superb sense of smell and echo-location. Strong, identifiable musk to mark its territory. Aggressive; avoided by all intelligent dungeon denizens.


False Healer (1).

Whatever it turns out to be, it appears to be a healer with a safe place to rest. Doppelgangers, medusas, mind flayers, undead and subterranean nymphs all spring to mind.



You might even know them. Roll d6 to determine how many of No. App. are actual adventurers, the excess are hirelings, prisoners and animals. Odds/evens, they're doing better/worse than you so far.

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