Monday, December 9, 2019

d66/d18 Dark Secrets for Characters

[Edit 17/06/2021 - Removed table for browser compatibility & added the pic]

For horror/fantasy settings, 18 Dark Secrets as character background and possible adventure hooks; I'm sure you've got the know-how and imagination to make-up any rules and mechanics you may need.

Black Ichor as at or whatever suits you.

1st d6 (1 to 2) 2nd d6:

  1. You are of non-human ancestry; it does not show, but you feel it growing stronger with each passing year. 
  2. You have taken the Black Ichor and are driven to seek it out in the underworld until such time as you find a cure.
  3. You are a survivor of a catastrophic adventure and only you (maybe a few others) know what really happened and what you had to do to survive.
  4. You carry a dreadful sickness that does not harm you, but consumes those around you.
  5. You are property; you do not wish to be claimed. The one who has a claim over you does not have your interest at heart.
  6. You have a double bent on disrupting/ usurping your life; it is better than you in every way, and seems to be more convincing as you than you are.

1st d6 (3 to 4) 2nd d6:

  1. You once stole an item of great worth; you no longer have it, but that means nothing to those you took it from.
  2. You were once a member of a particular faith, and they will not allow their sheep to stray.
  3. You are running from colossal debts owed to the worst kinds of creditors.
  4. You are held responsible for the death of a figure of considerable significance.
  5. You robbed the wrong tomb or temple, and have been marked for retribution.
  6. You are unwilling host to a parasite/ symbiote, spiritual or material.

1st d6 (5 to 6) 2nd d6:

  1. You descend from an ancient and accursed line; you struggle to hide your identity and to avoid your supposedly inescapable fate.
  2. You previously followed a reviled profession/creed/leader, and you can expect neither sympathy or understanding if it was to become known.
  3. An entity or organisation has capriciously taken a dislike to you, and will go to great lengths to discomfort you and those around you.
  4. Sometimes you lose hours, days, weeks, and have no recollection of what occurred; you think something bad might have happened.
  5. You have lived before, and this is only your current form; you cannot recollect your past lives and do not know if you will survive beyond this one.
  6. You keep your heart/ liver outside your body and cannot be killed by normal means; your heart/ liver is no longer in the safe place you chose for it.


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