Wednesday, December 4, 2019

d66/d18 Zombies

Zombie by Mark Dunn, for The Dark Chronicles of Anakendis
(Andrew Whitworth,  Warlock issue 6)

Learning how to put a reasonable looking table into Blogger (from original Google Docs, thence to Excel, thence to Notepad, and via various obstacles) gets you this (best view not in IE or MS Edge):

[Edit 17/06/2021 - Replaced table for wider browser compatibility & added the pic]

18 different types of zombie for when they turn up in your game; roll 2d6 as d66 (or a d18, if you have one).

By Wisdom save, I mean whatever the equivalent is in your game; by Black Ichor, I mean something along the lines of this:

1st d6 (1 to 2) 2nd d6:

  1. Monster corpse - preferably something the PCs haven’t seen live yet.
  2. Not automatically hostile but will follow/ shadow the party, causing unease; every rest, Wisdom save or follow them into the depths; those who have taken the Black Ichor take a penalty to this.
  3. Bloated and suppurating; bits break off easy; they leak and squirt - could be worms, acid, disease or emetic.
  4. Classic cannibal corpse with infectious bite.
  5. Directly controlled by a nearby monster or NPC.
  6. Looks just like you, but ravaged by death.

1st d6 (3 to 4) 2nd d6:

  1. Embellished with gold leaf, gems for teeth and eyes, rich cerements.
  2. Attempt to drive you away, rather than destroy you.
  3. Will hunt you across time and space unless utterly destroyed.
  4. Those you have killed previously have returned for revenge.
  5. Will only attack while you possess stolen grave goods.
  6. Host to an animating entity.

1st d6 (5 to 6) 2nd d6:

  1. Intelligent zombie; you can roll again to see what else it is, if you like.
  2. All are marked/liveried as minions of a powerful force.
  3. Spontaneously animate, de-animate and re-animate; are they dead yet?
  4. Possessed or controlled, these living people come at you like ravenous ghouls.
  5. Living minds are trapped in these corpses; they may cry out for help.
  6. You cannot kill that which is already dead; always regain 1 hp from 0 or less unless destroyed or blessed.

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