Wednesday, December 11, 2019

d66/d18 Prior Experience

[Edited 18/06/2021 - Revised table for browser compatibility]

Prior Experience, Background, Current Sketch - whatever you prefer to call this kind of thing; same thing applies with rules and mechanics as with the last post - I've got faith in you.

Roll 2d6:

1 to 2 (1st d6), 2nd d6:

  1. Adventurer: you seek gold and experience wherever you may wander.
  2. Assassin: people pay you to kill people; you might not want everyone to know that.
  3. Barbarian/ Outlander: you’re not from round here and you’re different enough from these people that curiosity and suspicion go both ways; there’s a chance you can’t speak the language.
  4. Bounty Hunter/ Mercenary: others pay you to defeat their enemies.
  5. Champion: you are the enemy of injustice, the friend of the helpless; you just cannot leave it alone.
  6. Drunkard/ Addict: you have handed yourself over to drink and/ or drugs as a career choice.

3 to 4 (1st d6), 2nd d6:

  1. Dungeoneer: you seek thrills and reward in the dark places beneath the earth.
  2. Gambler/ Grifter: you stake your wealth (and life) on the turn of a card, the roll of the dice, the ways human minds work.
  3. Grave Robber/ Tomb Raider: you know where the freshest bodies are buried, and also the oldest and most richly adorned.
  4. Healer: the care of the weak, sick and injured is your life’s work.
  5. Monster Hunter: you are a generalist or specialist monster hunter, includes vampire slayers and rogue demon hunters; you might not even believe in the supernatural.
  6. Nobility: you expect to be treated a certain way, and cannot abide the lower orders getting uppity or over familiar.

5 to 6 (1st d6), 2nd d6:

  1. Outcast/ Pariah: no one likes you and if you won’t go away under your own steam, they will try and do something about it.
  2. Outlaw: whether a dashing swashbuckler or a brutal killer, you are not going to be allowed to get away with it.
  3. Plumber of the Darkness: investigator or keen student, you are unable to keep your nose out of the business of the foul things of this world and beyond.
  4. Religious Order: novice, monk, cultist, templar or high priest, you are under holy orders.
  5. Retainer: you are bound to serve a noble household.
  6. Thief: even if it’s nailed down, you’ll try it for the challenge.

When putting this together, I had a Hammer Horror period setting in mind - so pseudo-European, approximating the late 17th and early 18th Centuries; there are firearms, but there has not been (and will not be any time soon) a Magical Industrial Revolution and we are pre-Steampunk. 

With that in mind, by Barbarian/Outlander I don't mean Conan or Slaine, but more like as a Cossack to an English dandy, a Samurai to a Parisian aesthete (come to think of it, why not a Parisian sans-culotte to that English dandy).

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